Dr. Ray C. Rist

Ray C. Rist is Advisor of the Independent Evaluation Group of The World Bank and President of the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS). During his academic career he concentrated in Anthropology and Sociology, and graduated at Washington University (Ph.D. in 1970), St. Louis. Rist can refer on a long list of academic and professional activities in the field of evaluation among many others for The World Bank Institute and the United States Government. He is (e.g.) also one of the intiators and Co-Directors of the International Program for Develop-ment Evaluation Training (IPDET). Furthermore he authored or edited 28 books and more than 140 articles and monographs in areas as results-based management/measurement, program evaluation, policy analysis, public sector management, education, race relations, urban violence, international migration, youth unemployment, research methodology, and comparative government etc. Rist lectured in more than 85 countries, received several awards and honors and serves (resp. has served) on the editorial boards of nine professional journals.

Kontakt: Rrist@worldbank.org
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